How to determine which Load Hog kit will fit your vehicle

There are three different Load Hog Helper Spring kits to choose from. If you don't see your vehicle in our Application Guide, follow the instructions below on how to measure your vehicle. Depending on your measurements, use the diagrams below to determine which kit will fit. 

  1. Measure the width of your rear spring: vehicle spring should not be wider than the inside U-bolt measurement.
  2. Measure from behind the vehicles axle or U-bolt plate back along the spring: the center of the Load Hog’s Rear u-bolt should be far enough back to either clear the bottom leaf on the truck springs or to fit between like this:

**Load Hog Helper Springs are meant to be installed on to the main leaf pack. If  your vehicle is equipped with overload springs, they must be removed in order for the load hog helper springs to be installed.**

C4570 Kit Diagram

Load Hog Helper Springs C4570 Kit


C42 Kit

C37 Kit

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