Loadhog vs Airbag Comparison

We often get asked if our kits are better than using airbags. We usually counter by asking another question - why do you want to upgrade your suspension in the first place?

Our kits aren't necessarily better than airbags. They are another option in the suspension upgrade market. To see what we mean, see below for a comparison of our kits versus airbags.

Load Hog Helper Springs Airbags
Capacity Rated for 1000 lbs Rated for 3000 - 5000 lbs
Installation Easy to Install - Approximately 30 minutes Moderate Skill Level Required - Approximately 2 hours
Durability Durable and meant for muddy and rough conditions Durable, BUT they are more susceptible to failure in muddy and rough conditions
Cost $279/kit

$500 +

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want your vehicle to do after you've installed the suspension upgrade. If you need to increase your capacity more than 1000 lbs, airbags are probably your best option. But if you don't need more than 1000 lbs and you plan on traveling through rough and muddy conditions, than we'd recommend checking out one of our kits


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